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I was put on a very restrictive diet by a doctor in order to treat an ailment that I had been suffering from for over a decade. Chef Marc took the time to understand the limitations of what I could eat and made the experience truly enjoyable. I was concerned that I would have such a limited amount of options but each delivery surprised me with the variety of food that I could eat on such a with such limited ingredient options. Chef Marc is attentive, professional, and quick with responding. Chef Marc listens to what you need and what you desire and custom fits your diet needs. I was recommended to Chef Marc by a family member and I will continue to refer out Chef Marc’s services to anyone in need of custom meals. Thanks so much to you, Chef Marc, and your outstanding team!
Kate B.
I have been using Chef Marc for a few months now. I originally started with the Keto to lose some weight quickly. It worked perfectly and I was not hungry for more food. Now I am on Paleo. The food is delicious and flavorful and very satisfying.
Cindy B.
I’ve now completed three weeks of eating your food. I have enjoyed the food and you deserve compliments for the variety and quality. Going forward, I would like to update my preferences in addition to what I already provided.
Steve D.
We contacted Chef Marc’s Meal Prep after seeing a nutritionist and getting guidance about trying a Ketogenic diet. The website was enticing and simple to use. Once signed up then Marc actually called himself to chat a second. Then by email, he’s sends you your personal question with options and goals. It’s so easy. The first delivery came… We were blown away,!!! If this is what Keto can taste like, we are hooked. The quality and full rich flavored meals were excellent! From Fish to Steak and everything in between, you can tell the food is fine, fresh and very well prepared.
M. & S. Gordon
Chef Marc’s Meal Prep delivers tasty, healthy meals with high-quality ingredients right to your door. Each week you receive new exciting dishes with ample portions to keep you on track with your diet goals –customized to your personal taste. It couldn’t be easier.
Madison H.
I have been using Chef Marc’s Meal Prep for two months now and the customer service and food are fantastic. He has been very accommodating with my delivery requests and the portion of food is enough for me as a female to meet my dietary goals. I don’t find myself getting hungry after each meal. I travel a lot for work so it’s nice to have high-quality food delivered instead of going out to eat every meal of the day. The best part is you can also stop the service whenever you want and go back and continue anytime.
Melissa B.
I had been considering going on a Keto diet for a while, but the meal prep part of it was a barrier. Chef Marc’s meals arrive on time, are tasty, and unlike other services I’ve tried simply am not tired, hungry or on edge—he got the macros right. One month into it Im tracking less fat and more muscle and tons of focus and productivity.
Nick C.
decided to try Keto for the first time in 2019 at the suggestion of my trainer. I wasn’t really sure if I could do it. Chef Marc’s Meal Prep made it easy. I didn’t have to count calories, didn’t feel hungry and had more energy. It also saves time that I normally spent going to restaurants or to pick up food. Oh, and I lost 8 pounds in the first month. The meals are interesting and tasty and home delivery is tops.
Karen K
Thank you Chef Marc. Your meals are a game changer…fresh, filling, and flavorful. The convenience of knowing that my meals for the day are a refrigerator away is refreshing and motivating. Your service makes planning for a healthy diet easy and seamless. As a healthcare provider, I also find it easy to recommend your service to my patients, friends, and family. Thank you.
Brandon D.
I can’t live without Chef Marc. I was introduced by a coworker and have since referred others. Meals were the one part of my routine that I just couldn’t get right. I tried meal kits, meal plans, and delivery services, but nothing gave me the quality and simplicity I was looking for. Chef Marc’s meals are consistently delicious and filling, and the prep couldn’t be easier. It really was the missing piece of my routine. Thanks Marc!
Bill A.
I just finished my first meal, A La Grecque for lunch. To put it mildly, IT WAS DELICIOUS! I used a food delivery service whose name escapes me many years ago. While good, the food did not come close to both the presentation and taste of this meal. I look forward to the rest of my meals this week. I believe there is a very strong probability that I will be signing up for a month the end of this week, when I get paid. Thank you, your service truly seems an answer to prayer.